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Payette Architecture on Maternal Health Center Progress

March 17, 2014

Our partners at Payette Architecture have recently written about the progress on our new Maternal Health Center, now under construction in Fond des Blancs, Haiti.  Their expertise is a valuable part of the design and construction team working to make … Read More »


Specialized Care for Specialized Needs at the SCI Center

March 13, 2014

This guest post comes from Joan Obecny, a skilled nurse practitioner specializing in wound care from Olney, Maryland.  She has been volunteering her skills for St. Boniface for the past 8 years, as a general nurse, as part of our … Read More »


New Incubators Arrived at St. Boniface

February 19, 2014

St. Boniface has gained two new incubators! Our neonatal unit used to have only one, the only incubator in the entire southern peninsula of Haiti, but now these precious tools are in operation in Fond des Blancs, providing more preemies … Read More »


Breaking Ground for The Maternal Health Center at St. Boniface

February 03, 2014

St. Boniface is pleased to announce that the ground has been broken on our new Maternal Health Center.  There was no ribbon and giant scissors, but much enthusiasm and a lot of energy among St. Boniface staff as the construction … Read More »


Neonatal Care at St. Boniface

January 25, 2014

In every hospital in the developed world, there is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit filled with incubators.  These machines give a second chance to infants, who, for whatever reason, exited the womb prematurely.  Incubators keep babies warm, ward off germs … Read More »

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